Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Sorry to be slow.....ok, only one day slow! We arrived home last night about 9:00 p.m. WITH Marie Vierge and Berto! THEY did great! Berto was a bit anxious about the airplane but we fixed that with some M&M's! So, with each flight (three all together) we took off with M&M's and all was well! In the pictures you can see Marie biting her fingernails before we got on the plane too.......I guess her daddy will have to teach her how to kick that habit.

We arrived in Haiti on Sunday morning. Our flight was delayed one hour. Our flight getting into Miami the night before was delayed two hours so we ended up paying $122 bucks to sleep for less than two hours Sat. night.......oh well, better than sleeping in the Miami airport! So, we were kind of zombies on Sunday......but that was ok!

We went to church and met the kids! They were a bit quiet - which is normal for them. They seem to be very reserved around other people. After church the smiles came freely from both of them!!! We stayed at Auberge du Quebec on Sunday. We had our friend Spencer make a reservation for us while we were in Chicago at CHA! Thank goodness for friends who speak french! He was even able to arrange for us to have one of the newer rooms! The minute we got to the room the kids started to undress......they wanted to go swimming! So - off to the pool for a swim! Of course, first we ordered our lunch because the restaurant needs at least an hour to prepare spaghetti! After lunch - Mark slept and I played with the kids.....we had fun blowing bubbles and coloring. Later that evening we met up with Kate and her children and had dinner.

Monday a.m. we all packed into the van.....Kate, her teenage daughter traveling with her, her 5 children she is adopting and Mark, me, Marie and Roberto all in the back of the van WITH all our on a wild ride that puts Mr. Toad's ride to shame.........John Henry sure knows how to drive and fast on some pretty beat up roads!

After Kate was dropped off at the airport - we met Mansour (the orphanage director for Holt) and he took us out to the Holt Fontana village. We visited for a bit, snapped a few pictures then went over to the Kaliko so we would'nt miss lunch. The Kaliko was nice for swimming, throwing rocks in the ocean and having a nice dinner with Mansour. It was wonderful to visit again......and yes, I kept an eye out for evil Haitian officials! Thank goodness we didn't encounter any creeps this time!

Tuesday a.m. we were up at 4:45 and out the door to the airport by 5:15 a.m. The hour plus drive to the airport was filled with images of Haiti and its people. Images I don't expect to find in America. Those images can be defined as beautiful, sad, funny, completely heartwrenching, encouraging, overwhelming, painful, full of hope, nerve wracking (although the image of a bus blarring its horn coming straight for us - on OUR side of the road didn't raise my heartrate this time) ...all of this and more can be found in a one hour drive to the airport! Haiti has some of the most remarkable people who find joy in their world - a world I would struggle to survive in. I am lucky to have the privilege of my experience in Haiti and of the many fine examples of determination - even if it is found in a split second from an image of a young boy on the street as we race by. Mark and I decided for sure, horns are equal to engines for every vehicle driving the roads in Haiti! You can't be without one!

We arrived plenty early for our flight and three guys "helped" us *HAUL* our three bags in. WOW.....that only cost us $20. Neither one of us was up for arguing so we gave 'em twenty bucks and stood in line where another guy pulled our cart under the rope and put our bags on the scale and yep......he needed a tip too. I have never experienced an airport quite like the one in Port au Prince!
We made it through without any one giving us grief and I was happy about that. I was so happy just to get on that plane! Arriving in Miami was easy! We made it through immigration in 20 minutes and our little ones are now Americans!!! Gotta love that IR3 visa! (NOW that we have it!) Of course, we did have to re-check our luggage, go thru security again and walk to the farthest possible gate.......and then stand in a long line for seat assignments......but I will take that kind of stress anyday! WE MADE EVERY FLIGHT and the kids didn't have one problem! They eat just about anything and Berto eats more than most adults (so we really need to figure out why he only weighs 31lbs) He is just tiny.....but smart and cute as can be! So is Marie.....they are both just darling!
So far our biggest trial is trying to convince both of them that Louie and Maggie are NOT GOING TO EAT THEM! They literally climb the closest object (or person) the minute they see either dog.......and they completely freak out like they just saw the meanest, badest monster on planet earth! I'm not quite sure what we are going to do about that..........however, it does solve the problem I envisioned before we went, of two little kids running crazy in the house and "breaking into" the pantry every 10 minutes......because as long as the dogs are free, they prefer playing with toys in their room! So........we will have to work on the dog thing. EVEN having the dogs leashed to the dining room table doesn't seem to calm them .....they just keep their eye on the dogs to make sure there is "good distance" between them! AND the pool was the same.....poor Berto just royally freaked out because Louie was circling the pool while we were trying to swim this evening......Oh....I do hope this is our biggest challenge! :)
We feel very blessed! They are amazing little children and we are all very happy (and relieved) they are finally home!!! Our thanks to all of you for your our prayers will continue for all of our friends still waiting to bring their children home!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We just found out our children have visas!!! Our trip to Haiti will be short but sweet this time. We arrive on Sunday and leave on Tuesday. Just enough time to visit with our friends at Foyer de Sion and our friends at the Holt Fontana village

The best part - we don't have to leave Marie Vierge and Roberto this time!!! They are coming HOME!!!

It is late, I am very tired and I have a ton to do before we leave but check back I'm sure to post some wonderful photos next week!

Bonne Nuit!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

VISA Appointment!!!

I just found out we have a visa appointment for tomorrow! Our orphanage director will have to do it for us because we can not get to Haiti in one day!

Praying all goes well and my kids will have visas tomorrow! This will set us free to go get them and bring them home!!!

I'm speechless!

Monday, July 7, 2008

One more day... wait for an appointment. Apparently the medical documents were not turned in with our other documents last week. The orphanage director will be turning them in tomorrow and hopefully getting an appointment for us.

Here is a fun picture just because they are so cute!


Saturday, July 5, 2008

If you will, please join us... fasting and prayer. If you read this and believe in the power of fasting and prayer, we will be praying for a visa appointment for July 15 or 17th. We hope to get an answer from the Embassy on Monday. This will give us a chance at reasonable airfare and allow us to focus on preparing to bring home Marie and Roberto.

I will also need to get Marisa and Katiana ready for girls camp and Michael ready for Scout, having an answer on Monday would really help me focus.

Today we moved all of Zac's stuff into Michael's they will now share rooms. We bought two twin mattresses on Thursday for Marie and Roberto so we are now ready for them to come home. I have a few clothes for the kids but find it difficult to buy from my imagination. I get confused trying to figure out what will fit them........When we first met them, the clothes I brought were way too big. Little Roberto would put TWO pairs of shorts on and then we would fold down the waist band to keep them from falling off........I'm not sure why he wanted to wear two pair but it worked. He was 5 years old and the clothes were 3T's. Marie had the same problem, she was 6 and we brought size 4T for her. I have to laugh, as I remember turning around to see her run right out of her skort! We promptly found a safety pin to fix that problem! They are so adorable! They are now 7 and 8 years old. I am so ready for them to be home. I'm ready to love them and help them overcome whatever challenges they may have. I'm just READY! For one who procrastinates..........I would say I'm way OVERDUE on being ready and I hope and pray we get a visa appointment that allows us to travel very soon.

Last Monday I finally reached the point of accepting they would be home on time. I lost all desire to argue and complain about the exhausting process this has been. I actually bought a plane ticket to attend our company tradeshow in Chicago (July 17 - 19 --and more than anything I hope my plan gets messed up). I just reached this place of TRUST - trusting God had ALL the power to bring them home and HE would bring them home on time. This realization came with a sense of peace......although, there is a portion of peace that can not come until they are with us, a part of my heart remains heavy as it has been.......its just a feeling of trust that came which allowed me some added peace. The next day I received an e-mail from the Embassy. I had to open it three times before I knew for sure it was from the Embassy and not USCIS (even though it was signed "Yours truly, Adoptions Unit, US Embassy). The e-mail said they had received our approved adoption petition and then listed the final documents needed to complete our adoptions. The last request in the e-mail was "when would we be available for an appointment". My prayers were being answered right before my eyes.

The next day, our facilitator called me to tell me she thought we had a visa appointment on Thursday morning. Of course, we couldn't get to Haiti that quickly so we hoped and prayed that the orphanage director could set a new appointment for July 8th. Things didn't work out on Thursday for the orphanage director to meet with the Adoptions Unit, although she tried, so we are now hoping Monday we will be able to confirm our appointment and arrange our travel.

Wish I had some current photos of the kids......maybe I'll just find some favorites and add them for fun. THANKS to all who joins us in prayer and fasting (or just prayer :) or just positive thinking :) We appreciate all of you!