Sunday, February 24, 2008

Turning 14!

...In January

Katiana had her "14th" birthday!

She got her own IPOD! Had a "Cookies & Cream" ice cream cake and had lots of fun bowling with her friends and family! AND look! She has found friends just like her!

Looking back... November...

We went to California for Thanksgiving. Went to the beach - rented dorky tourist bicycles, saw a sea lion at the end of the pier, ate lots of turkey, rolls and PIE, went to see WICKED at the Pantages Theatre, L.A. Car show, shopping!, saw the movie Enchanted and just had lots of fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house! AND.....we took a family picture but someone didn't feel like smiling UNTIL...
our photographer (thanks AMY) cracked a funny!

In December....we had a WHITE Christmas!

Katiana got her own PINK bicycle!

We ALL went sledding...

even the dog!

I'm back!

...for a bit that is. I will probably get back into a routine blogging just in time for my two little ones to come home......and it could get quiet around here again. The above picture is my latest of Marie and Roberto. Their files are still in MOI waiting to be approved for Haitian passports. My best guess is we will travel sometime in May. At least I hope for this.